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Bowling 300 is a beacon in the bowling industry, driven by a legacy of expertise and a robust partnership between visionary leaders. Founded in 1991, our company results from a collaborative effort between dedicated individuals passionate about bowling.

With a foundation built on decades of hands-on experience, Bowling 300 possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies of the bowling business. Our involvement spans the entire spectrum – from the construction of bowling centers to the operation of pro shops and a substantial contribution to the administration of the sport. This background equips us with unique insights, allowing us to offer you comprehensive business solutions from concept to opening of your entertainment center.

Bowling 300 holds the exclusive distributorship for Brunswick Bowling Products, specializing in new start developments and residential and modernization projects in the Philippines.

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our mission

Bowling 300’s mission is to revolutionize the bowling experience, blending tradition with innovation to set new standards in the industry. Our commitment lies in building state-of-the-art bowling centers that are not just venues, but community hubs for enjoyment and sport. Leveraging advanced Brunswick equipment, we ensure every player—novice or pro—enjoys top-tier gaming in eco-friendly, modern spaces designed for the future of entertainment.

We focus on exceptional service, community engagement, and promoting bowling’s growth. Our partnership with Brunswick highlights our dedication to quality and innovation, positioning Bowling 300 as a leader in creating memorable bowling experiences. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire a new generation of bowlers, fostering a global community united by the love of the game.

our vision

Bowling 300 envisions transforming every bowling encounter into an extraordinary experience, uniting communities around the joy of the sport. We’re on a quest to pioneer advancements that will usher in a new age for bowling, where technology, comfort, and atmosphere converge to delight both casual players and seasoned enthusiasts. Our alliance with Brunswick amplifies our pursuit, ensuring every Bowling 300 center is a paragon of innovation and a haven for memorable moments.

Our vision is clear: to be the vanguard of the bowling industry, inspiring passion for the game across the globe. We’re committed to cultivating a future where Bowling 300 is not just a name, but a destination synonymous with the pinnacle of bowling excellence. As we move forward, we’re dedicated to fostering the sport’s growth, embracing sustainability, and elevating the bowling experience for future generations.


March 12, 2024

Brunswick Bowling has announced the appointment of Bowling 300 as its exclusive distributor for the Philippines. The company has also hired Eduardo ‘Jojo’ Santiago, Jr., as its service manager for Asia.
“We’re very excited about the future of bowling in the Philippines and are thrilled to have Bowling 300 and Jojo Santiago on the Brunswick team,” said Corey Dykstra, president and CEO of Brunswick Bowling. “Bowling 300 has a long and storied history as a leader in the Philippines’ bowling industry. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to this partnership as we continue to achieve mutual success for our clients. Brunswick customers in Asia needing technical and installation support will be in good hands with Jojo, who has decades of experience as a Brunswick service technician and installer.”
Gina Avecilla, president of Bowling 300, has been a leader in the Philippines bowling industry since 1991, when she began operating multiple pro shops, followed by the founding of a full-service firm (providing construction, design, and training) with Bong Coo, the legendary Filipina bowler.
“We are thrilled to represent Brunswick Bowling in the Philippines as we continue to grow the sport across the country,” said Avecilla. “I look forward to delivering Brunswick’s comprehensive line of business solutions—from Sync® Scoring to Spark® to Boost ST® string pinsetters—to our customers as we continue to build a robust entertainment industry in the country. We look forward to providing bowling centers and master-planned residential developments with exceptional maintenance, installation, and post-sales services.” Avecilla currently serves as a member of the National Sports Association board of directors and secretary general of the Philippine Bowling Federation, Inc.
As a certified Brunswick installer and service technician, Santiago will be available to assist bowling center owners throughout Asia. Santiago has worked in the bowling industry since 1993, first maintaining Brunswick equipment at a bowling center and later as a certified technician in the Philippines and Dubai. Most recently, he worked for Brunswick’s Dubai distributor as a project manager for sales and technical support.
“I look forward to continuing to share my technical skills and knowledge and helping bowling center owners meet their business goals,” said Santiago. “I couldn’t be happier to continue to work with Brunswick Bowling and its industry-leading line of products.”
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Brunswick Bowling: https://buff.ly/3Ve6XRc

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