Bowl at Home with Brunswick

Host the ultimate game night in your very own home bowling center. Customization options are limited only by your imagination. Brunswick is the most trusted name in bowling, with products designed to look great and function reliably for years to come. We’ll help you build a space that delivers the ultimate wow factor and reflects your style and taste.

It’s all about you

You have a picture in your mind of the ultimate rec room. Now imagine seeing it come to life just as you envision it. Enjoy unmatched customization options on every element, from graphic lanes to masking units to furnishings, with your choice of virtually any color, logos, and print images.

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There’s room for all

Built for bringing family and mates together for a good bowling match, a few pints and some friendly “slagging.” How lucky can you be to have your own 10-pin pub built in your very own home? We can pass on the same luck to you and help you build your own cheers! Custom game room. Let’s get the ball rolling.

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Comfort meets style

Inspired by residential furniture trends, Center Stage™ Furniture provides comfort and style. Dining and seating options in hundreds of fabric and finish options can be arranged to complement any space.

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Your journey to the ultimate bowling experience starts here. Whether you're exploring the idea of opening your own bowling center, looking for top-notch equipment, or have any questions about our services, we're here to help. Reach out to us, and let's make your bowling dreams come true.